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Latest Timber Framing News
The Hillbank House is on Grand Designs Australia 
19 May 2017

This is an exciting moment for out company as this beautiful house project of the Hillbank House was documented during the building process and now aired on Grand Designs Australia on 18th May 2017 in Episode 4, Series 7.  A big thank you goes to Ruth and Neil for their endless support during the filming.  We hope you can the Episode.  Here a couple of snippets.

Hillbank Medieval - Grand Designs Australia - Episode 4, Series 7  

Stairs to the Office
4 November 2014

The crew had a moment and crafted these beautiful stairs to the office.  Thank you James and Steve for such lovely stairs.  

Stairs crafted from Cypress Pine to access the office


SA Outdoor Magazine - Spring 2014 - page 42
8 September 2014

Timber Frames of Australia had the opportunity to answer several questions asked by SALife regarding the use of timber in outdoor settings.  A very interesting read - well done Isabelle for your input.

Enjoy the read - copy of the article can be downloaded here.




 NEWS Flash - NEWS Flash - Timber Design Award 2014
August 2014

This year Isabelle entered The Boat House into the National Timber Design Award and was voted FINALIST in the Recycled Timber category.  The awards will be presented in Sydney on 18th September and we hope to be recognised for this amazing craft.

Wish us Luck!!  We will keep you posted after the Awards Presentation.

Inside of THE BOAT HOUSE - Recycled timber used for this old English Sling Brace Design



Training Workshops 2014
24 July 2014

Being overwhelmed with enquiries, we decided to run a second Basic Training Workshop this year from the 22nd - 26th September 2014.  If you are interested in learning this ancient craft hands on, download the application form and send it back to us.  There are only 4 spots left at present - so be quick or miss out this year.


Recognition for Green Production
9 October 2013

We have received a recognition for crafting our timber frames with green energy - Thank you.

Did you know we have a 19kw solar power system supplying the energy we require for the crafting of our timber frames and running our office.  This ensures a sustainable product for you - our customers.



Great NEWS - Timber Design Award 2013
20 September 2013

Last night we attended the Timber Design Award Presentation Night in Melbourne.  It was a great evening with our Mylor House being a Finalist in three Categories - Recycled Timber, New Home and Sustainability Categories.  This is amazing and we were so close in obtaining an Award in those categories.

What an achievement - one entry in three categories and Finalists in all three.  Next Year will see another great project presented to the Awards and we would like to hope that we will be presented an Award in 2014.

Thank you for your help.

Timber Frames of Australia - Mylor House



Fantastic NEWS - Timber Design Award 2013
6 August 2013

Please help us by voting for our Entry in the Timber Design Award - Peoples Choice Award on the following link   by voting for the "MYLOR HOUSE"  Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put the "MYLOR HOUSE" in the subject line.

Thank you for your help.

The Mylor House for the Timber Design Award



Fantastic NEWS - Timber Design Award 2013
29 July 2013

Some fantastic News reached us yesterday - the project we put into the Timber Design Award for a House Frame was shortlisted in its category.  We are so excited about this prospect of having a fair chance of winning on 19th September at the Award Night.  Keep you eyes on this page for more news.

There will be a chance for you to vote for your favourite timber framing company when it comes to the peoples choice part of the awards - we will let you know how to vote when we been told.



Basic Training Workshop - Only two Spots Left!
27 July 2013

There will be another basic workshops offered for this year from the 16 - 20 September.

There are only two spots left for this course! Hurry if you want to learn this ancient craft!

So if you are interested, send us the completed application form which you can download here.  Click here for more information on the training workshop and if you have any questions, just send us an email.



Delivery of Timber
5 May 2013

We have just had a truck load - literally - of fantastic timber delivered to our workshop.  The timber is Spotted Gum - a light brown timber with lots of amazing looking grain structures.  Once the sanding will start, timbers will be selected for their position in this great two story house frame.

Two trucks delivered 32t of Spotted Gum - here just a small amount of it all.



Grand Design Australia
5 March 2013

We have had confirmation that one of our house projects is going to be a Grand Design Australia Project for the next series.  Filming will happen this year - so look out for more updates as they happen.

We are excited about this news as the house frame is a fantastic hammer beam design and will be crafted from spotted gum.



Uraidla Sustainability Fair 2013
18 February 2013

This year's Uraidla Sustainability Fair was yet again a fantastic event where our sister company TFA Solar was the major sponsor.  The fair offered a large variety of goods and services from solar power systems to timber frames and many more products in between.

Here a couple of photos.

Timber Frames of Australia at the 2013 Uraidla Sustainability Fair

  Timber Frames of Australia attended this year's Sustainability Fair in Uraidla in the beautiful Adelaide Hills



First Part - Boat House
13 January 2013

I had the pleasure of visiting the site of the last raising before Christmas and was highly impressed.  The frame is only partially complete and a whole section still needs to be raised, however, the feeling that is created with this recycled timber in this frame is spectacular.

There are so many different views, it is just not easy to capture the true sensation through the camera.  Enjoy the pictures.  More have been set up on Facebook - have a look there.


Wall frame of Boat House - recycled Australian Hardwood

  The first cross frame was crafted from cypress pine and then left to grey off.



Raising of a Sling Brace - Recycled Timber Frame
19 December 2012
Now that the crew is on site, raising is progressing nicely.  Cross Frames are being lifted into place with a 30t crane, then wall frames put up ready for the next cross frame.  A view from the crane driver's window.
Raising of a sling brace design - recycled timber frame in Port Willunga in December 2012



Sling Brace Raising in Port Willunga - Timber Frames of Australia



Readying for the next raising
12 December 2012

We are getting ready for another exciting House Frame Raising.  Next week will see a house frame crafted from Recycled Hardwood and some unseasoned, but greyed off cypress pine.

The design is a sling brace cross frame and will create an English style Barn feeling.  Keep an eye on this space and our Facebook link for more photos as they become available.

Here some photos during the crafting.

Testing before raising - use of the

  Timber Frames of Australia - Traditional joinery of mortice and tenon joint - recycled timber



Readying for the next raising
7 November 2012

Now that is a nice and lively piece of timber!

Native cypress pine timber frame now oiled and getting packed for shipment to site.


what a beauty - Timber Frames of Australia - a native cypress pine piece ready for site work

  In our workshop at Timber Frames of Australia another native cypress pine timber framed outdoor structure ready for site work



Grand Design Sydney
7 October 2012

Not only is the Show a great event to see fantastic products, but it also is a great location - Darling Harbour.  Peter Maddison having a little play with a sample timber framing joint.


Timber Frames at Grand Design in Sydney 2012

  Timber Frames of Australia at Grand Design in Sydney 2012



What a buzz at Grand Design in Melbourne
22 September 2012

The show is great - the visitors love it and us exhibitors enjoy the enthusiasm.

Meeting Kevin McCloud during the show and having a chat about timber framing and building projects in general.

  Timber Frames of Australia - post and beam construction - Grand Design 2012
On a Beautiful Tuesday in August 2012 ...
August 2012

... out team went on site to raise another great cypress pine frame.  With the help of a crane this structure was up in fantastic time.  How would you like to have such a structure in your backyard?

To create a "roof" for this structure the owners will grow vines on the sides over the top.

Another beautiful setting for a traditionally crafted timber frame.

  Traditional timber framing - heavy timber framing - Timber Frames of Australia - Cypress pine timber frame
Voting for Your Favourite Timber Frame at the Timber Design Award
13 August 2012

Voting for the People's Choice of the Timber Design Award is now open and we would like to encourage you to visit the link for this fantastic opportunity to show how much you like timber framing.

Our structure is called - Mylor Outdoor Entertainment Area

Thank you for your support.

July Basic Training Workshop - Another success
7 August 2012

Six very keen people met at our workshop on the first day of the basic training workshop - some came with prior experience in timber framing, others were very new to this building method.  Nonetheless, it was a very exciting week.  Those with prior experience learned how they should have done it and why their original joints did not close up as well and those with little experience enjoyed the stimulating learning environment.  Even though it was cold (Winter in the Adelaide Hills !) everyone enjoyed the experience to be around experienced people in this ancient craft and to learn such a fantastic skill.

Below some photos of the work they achieved - Well done Participants.

If you are interested in attending our workshops, contact Isabelle for more information about courses for next year.

Participants of our July Basic Training Workshop crafted their own stands.  Two stands were then jointed with a tie.

This very simple structure is now standing in a child's playground and will be turned into a cubby house - with other timbers added of course to create a suitable shape.

  Heavy Timber Framing - Basic Training Workshop July 2012
26 July 2012

First of all a big thank you to all who visited our stand at the Master Builders Home Improvement Show in Adelaide at the beginning of July and then in Melbourne a weekend later.  It was a great being out there again and showing our craftsmenship and expertise.

Our next exhibition will be in Melbourne again at the Grand Design Live show from the 21st - 23rd September.  This will be your chance to see Kevin McCloud from the UK Grand Design series.  More info will follow a bit later.


Timber Frames of Australia is in the Top 50 Sustainable Building Leaders list of "Your Future Home"
30 June 2012

A big thank you goes out to all those that have voted for us on the website Your Future Home - Top 50 Sustainable Building Leaders.  We made it in the Top 50 list and are very happy to have achieved this rank.  We believe that building your home from sustainable materials and designing energy efficient ways will help you achieve an energy efficient home and by choosing one of our timber frames, you have invested into your future.


  Timber Frames of Australia - achieved the top 50 list for its heavy timber framing.
Trusses with a Difference
8 June 2012

We have been asked to craft some trusses with a difference.  These trusses are made from Oregon and even include some steel rods.  Have a look and enjoy!

These trusses are about 6m wide and are crafted using traditional timber framing joinery.  They also include some steel rods.

  Timber Frames of Australia - Truss design with a difference
Please Vote for Timber Frames of Australia
28 May 2012

Help us achieve a great outcome by voting for Timber Frames of Australia on the following link.  We would love to be in the Top 50 on the Website Your Future Home - Top 50 Sustainable Building Leaders.

Click here to Vote.  Thank you for your help.

Crafting of yet another interesting roof structure
18 May 2012




A 22 metre outdoor area is being covered with these two roof structures crafted from ironbark as well as a walkway area.

The pyramidal frame is 4.5m x 4.5m and the rectangular frame is 5m x 9.5m

Timber Frames of Australia - crafting of ironbark roof structures




Detail of the joining of the timbers on the pyramidal roof frame.  Carpenter marks are clearly visible which are used to locate timbers within a frame.

The framing pins are used during drafting when frames are test assembled in our workshop. Hand crafted octagonal and tapered wood pegs are used when the frame is put together on site.

  Timber Frames of Australia - Crafting Detail of the pyramidal roof frame
Medieval Fair in Gumeracha 2012
9 May 2012

What an exciting event - again.  With the weather on our side, more than 10,000 people visited this year's event where traditional crafts - like timber framing - merchants and re-enactment groups gathered to show what life in medieval times was like.  Some images for you to enjoy.


Timber Frames of Australia - Medieval Fair 2012   Timber Frames of Australia - Medieval Fair 2012   Timber Frames of Australia - Medieval Fair 2012
We are stepping back in time ....
3 May 2012

... into times when Timber Framing had its peak, by attending the South Australian Medieval Fair in Gumeracha this weekend.  Come and see us on Saturday or Sunday starting at 10am at Federation Park in Gumeracha, in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.  It is worth the trip, bring the kids, dress them and yourself up and join in the fun of singing, fighting, dancing, eating and shopping.  The weather is predicted to be good - so no excuses to have some fantastic medieval times.

And Friday has arrived - how quickly this week went by!
20 April 2012




Everyone achieved a frame with a post, top plate, sill beam and braces.  Well done!

  Timber Frames of Australia - Group photo Basic Training Workshop April 2012




It wasn't such a small frame after all.  Having the frame laid out on the tressels can be very misleading.

  timber Frames of Australia - Basic Training Workshop April 2012 Participants
Day 3 of the Training Workshop!
18 April 2012




Mortises are being cut using the Mafel Mortiser, straight tenons cut to size to fit the mortices.

The group of participants are scratching their heads at times as they are taking in the information about this ancient craft.  Well done guys!!  The end result is in sight.

  Timber Frames of Australia - Day 3 Training
Stop Press!  Update on Training Workshop!
16 April 2012




Six participants gather around the tools to be used during their basic level training workshop in traditional timber framing at our workshop in Carey Gully, South Australia.

  Timber Frames of Australia - April Basic Training Workshop - Day
Did you Know...
17 March 2012

... that Timber Frames of Australia can help you with sourcing of large cross section timbers?  We have many good connections to mills that can supply top quality timbers for any project.

Give us a call with your cutting list or send us an email for more information. Click here to go to our contact page.

Timber Frame Production gone GREEN!
14 March 2012

In December 2011 TFA Solar installed a 19kw grid connect solar power system on our workshop roof.  The system produces enough power to cover our current usage in the workshop and office and, currently even a bit more that gets fed into the grid.  The system is designed to produce the power required when the production is at full capacity.

This is another step towards Sustainability in the production of your timber frame and we are proud of it.

There are still some spaces on our next Timber Framing Workshop
25 February 2012

If you would like to learn this ancient craft of timber framing and maybe even consider constructing a small structure of your own, then join us for the next training workshop.  Click here for more information.

An Interview about Timber Framing
20 February 2012

During the Grand Design Expo in Sydney, Kat from the Home Improvement Pages interviewed Isabelle Harwood. Click here for the Link.

A Happy Festive Season and a prosperous New Year to All
24 December 2011

Wishing you all a very happy Festive Season and a fantastic 2012.  We look forward to crafting a traditional timber frame for you in the New Year. From all of us at Timber Frames of Australia.

Timber Framing Training Workshop - Article in The Owner Builder Magazine
12 December 2011
Have a look at the attached PDF file - a copy of the article as it appeared in the Owner Builder Magazine, 168, Dec 11/ Jan 12.  If you would like to attend our next training workshop, have a look on Training Workshops.  There is one planned for April 2012.
Wood Naturally Better
8 December 2011
We have just been confirmed with a certificate that we are now members of Wood Naturally Better. Visit their website for interesting information about wood as a natural product on
A new Member of our Team
November 2011
At the end of a very busy October Adrian Tanner joined our team.  As Production Manager, Adrian is responsible for your timber frame project to be crafted to the specifications as set out and to ensure it is raised on your site.  Click here to find out more about Adrian.
A touch with Fame
October 2011


grand designs australia live logo


During the October Grand Design Australia Live Expo in Sydney Isabelle had the opportunity to chat with Kevin McCloud from Grand Design (TV program from the UK).

  kevin mccloud from grand design uk signing timber frames of australia book
Photo taken by Edith Paarhammer from Paarhammer Windows -