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House Frames
Our traditionally crafted timber frames are your pride within your home creating a feeling of strength, quality and beauty.

A home is often a place for relaxation and recuperation and becomes a HOME when it includes extraordinary living experience and the enhancement of the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of life.

Our approach to your timber frame is individual and designed to your needs and details. The versatility of our craft is exceptional and our traditional or heavy timber frames are equally at home in heritage and contemporary designs.

House frame for a two storey family home
  Timber Frames of Australia - Cypress pine house frame
Timber Frames of Australia - House Frame crafted from recycled Jarrah  

The traditional or historic designs often compliment earthy finishes in the walls such as rammed earth, mud bricks, straw bales or earth colour rendered concrete bricks, to name a few. When a contemporary design is chosen, steel and glass compliment the beauty of the timber frame.

We work with architects, building designers or owners alike to achieve a timber frame that is pleasing to the eye as well as fitting into the budget.
timber frame on top of rammed earth base floor


To view some of our past house frame projects, please visit our Gallery and Sample Projects pages.

two storey two winged timber frame