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Traditional timber framing is a craft of creating a structural skeleton for a building using large cross-section timbers applying wooden pegged mortise and tenon joints.

This craft of timber framing is an ancient building form which originated out of the necessity to build a structure which would outlast generations.

It was simply the evolution of the frame. Tying timbers together evolved to pegged joinery so as to form a structure of greater longevity and strength.

The craft is centuries old, with the earliest example of this form of joinery dating back to approximately 950 AD.

This style of joinery has evolved throughout the centuries, usually in line with advances made in the tools that became available.

Many joints have stayed the same over the many years.

hand made pegs for securing the joints

Traditional timber framing techniques can be seen in a wide variety of buildings world-wide – from simple barns and dwellings to cathedrals and castles that are awe-inspiring in their complexity.

The methods and carpentry style of TFA’s craftsmen remain true to the craft’s medieval roots, despite the use of selected hand-held power tools to increase efficiency.

Here is an interesting read – timber framing explained in The Owner Builder Magazine with training workshop participant explaining their experience.

For more information about timber framing techniques, please visit the Carpenters Fellowship website or the Timber Framers Guild website.